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Default value flags not working for configurable and variant products at the time of order entry



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      On adding configurable/variant products to the cart, default value flags i.e. 'Use as default desired delivery date for next entry' and 'Use as default comment for next entry' are not working. Flags are working fine for simple products. Below are the steps to regenerate the issue:

      1) Log in to 'ordermgr' with credentials admin/ofbiz.

      2) Click on the 'Order Entry' menu.

      3) In the 'Sales Order' section enter the values and click on the 'Continue' link.

      4) Leave the fields on the next page as it is and click on the 'Continue' link.

      5) Select any configurable product (e.g. pizza) or variant (e.g. WG-9943) and enter quantity.

      6) Enter the 'Desired Delivery Date' and click on the adjacent checkbox 'Use as default desired delivery date for next entry'.

      7) Enter the 'Comment' and click on the adjacent checkbox 'Use as default comment for next entry'.

      8) Click on the 'Add To Cart' button. You will be landed on the next screen for selecting the variant or configuring the product.

      9) After configuration click on 'Add To Cart' button again. 

      Item will be added to cart but the default values will not be available for the next entry. This feature is working fine for the simple products like Tiny Gizmo (Tiny Gizmo).

      Most probably values are not getting persisted on the second screen for variants and configurable products and it is causing the issue.







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