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Calculate estimated shipment delivery time



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    • 18.12.01
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      Currently when you pass an order in ofbiz you can select the shipment method to delivery finish good and obtains an amount cost but you have nothing to indicate how the delivration will during.
      We have a good example with ship by plane or boat and for road the time is different between the Portugal to Spain and Portugal to Slovenia.

      With this information, we can planned the estimated delivery date with the estimated date to produce finish good and the time to delivery them

      To fill this gap, we introduce a new entity ShipmentTimeEstimate modelled as ShipmentCostEstimate to define the estimated time for a shipment method, a carrier and two geo location:

          <entity entity-name="ShipmentTimeEstimate" package-name="org.apache.ofbiz.shipment.shipment"
              title="Shipment Time Estimation Entity">
              <field name="shipmentMethodTypeId" type="id"/>
              <field name="partyId" type="id"/>
              <field name="roleTypeId" type="id"/>
              <field name="geoIdTo" type="id"/>
              <field name="geoIdFrom" type="id"/>
              <field name="fromDate" type="date-time"/>
              <field name="thruDate" type="date-time"/>
              <field name="leadTime" type="fixed-point"/>
              <field name="leadTimeUomId" type="id"/>
              <prim-key field="shipmentMethodTypeId"/>
              <prim-key field="partyId"/>
              <prim-key field="roleTypeId"/>
              <prim-key field="geoIdTo"/>
              <prim-key field="geoIdFrom"/>
              <prim-key field="fromDate"/>

      We have two asks related to this issue on users 1 2

      The first patch made in collaboration with Leila Mekika lays bricks to implement this idea

      All remark and suggest are welcome to continue it.


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