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Correlation error when no process is active

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    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 1.3.5
    • Fix Version/s: 1.4
    • Environment:
      Tested with Tomcat 7.0.16 and Apache ODE 1.3.5 running on Windows Vista SP2 and JavaSE 1.6 (jdk_1.6.0_25), using soapUI to make the calls to the webservices


      The process is quite simple, as it is a receive - assign - invoke - reply - pick - invoke1 or invoke2. The idea is that the receive initialize the correlation set or variable property, and then in the pick it is used to continue the same process.

      I call the BPEL WS using the start process method (call "process") with input parameter customerID "jo". Then I check in ODE management web and the process is active and it has returned the expected value from the reply. So I guess it is waiting at the pick function. Now I call the BPEL WS with one of the methods to trigger the onMessage in Pick ("seller") and the process is appears as completed in the ODE management web. Till now, no problem and everything as expected.

      I repeat the process with other different customerIDs and there is no problem.

      However the problem arises if I do the following:
      1) Call the "process" function for the BPEL process with customerID="jo"
      2) Call the "seller" fuction for the BPEL process with customerID="jo"
      3) Check the process instance is completed.
      4) Repeat the call to the "seller" fuction for the BPEL process with customerID="jo".

      After step 4 I cannot use customerID="jo" any longer, as it seems that the system got corrupted.

      It seems that even without an active instance messages are routed to somewhere. So I guess this is a bug in the functionality as the BPEL process should report a kind of error if calling a function it is not waiting for.


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