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I wish ODE would clean up processes by default



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    • 2.0-beta2
    • 1.3.4
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    • Running ODE as a war in Tomcat (tcserver), on Windows XP, Eclipse 3.5 (STS 2.3.0), Java 1.5.0_15-b04, jruby 1.4.0 (ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 174)


      I am trying to figure out how best to clean-up old BPEL processes on the ODE server (ODE v2.0 Beta2).

      Not having had much luck using either the instance data cleanup (http://ode.apache.org/user-guide.html#UserGuide-InstanceDataCleanup), or the hydration (http://ode.apache.org/user-guide.html#UserGuide-ControllingODEMemoryFootprint) features, I set about trying to debug ODE to see how to enable some of these features.

      Warning: ramble alert! After a crash course in Ruby (and settling on JRuby since Ruby sucks on Windows) I eventually managed to "successfully" build all 25 ODE projects using jruby and import them into Eclipse for debugging. I am now realizing however that the jsp files appear to be missing from the axis2-war project. Assuming I can locate these missing jsp files, then properly configuring the axis2-war in order to be able to deploy and run in the eclipse debugger also seems to be fairly involved. I am assuming that I may also be missing some axis2 config artifacts as well, since I currently need to manually create lib, conf, and repository folders in order to enable Axis2 project facets for the axis2-war project to satisfy the Axis2 runtime location requirements. There are also some build Java Build Path issues in the axis2-war project "Cannot nest output folder 'ode-axis2-war/target/test/classes' inside 'ode-axis2-war/target/test'" - to summarize, it turns out that debugging ODE is proving to be a little more involved than I first thought! I may also need to enter Jiras around some of these problems - not sure at this point?

      I am wondering - for those developing ODE, what sort of IDE are you using? I picked the latest version of STS (SpringSource Tool Suite 3.2.0) thinking it might have the best starting point in terms of base Eclipse plugins and so on.

      Anyway, now I have managed to become completely distracted from my original mission (i.e. to get process cleanup working). I guess this entire adventure has left me wishing for a simple way to have BPEL processes clean up after themselves by default.

      Thanks for developing this product (and for listening to this rant!




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