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Required property type not respected

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      It seems like Section 7.1.5 Adding and Writing Properties of jsr 170

      						Sets the specified (single value) property of this node
      to the specified value. If the property does not yet
      exist, it is created. The property type of the property
      will be that specified by the node type of this node.
      						If the property type of the supplied Value object is
      different from that required, then a best-effort
      conversion is attempted. If the conversion fails, a
      ValueFormatException is thrown. If another error
      occurs, a RepositoryException is thrown.
      						If the node type of this node does not indicate a
      specific property type, then the property type of the
      supplied Value object is used and if the property
      already exists (has previously been set) it assumes
      both the new value and new property type.

      is not respected.In the provided screenshots you can see a mixin definition having a long property. But the property type in the creation node is Boolean


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