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Create a Wicket-based Web Application for Nutch



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    • Should work in both Nutch trunk and 2.0 branches.


      In light of the conversation on NUTCH-837, we are removing the old Nutch webapp and will replace it with a 2.0 one that works with GORA + Solr.

      Apache Nutch versions prior to 1.3 used to ship with a web application that allowed basic search, and browse of the information captured in the Nutch index. Since 1.3, we deprecated and removed the webapp mainly due to the fact that the segment API changed (we moved to Solr), and also due to the fact that we didn't want to maintain a webapp b/c those JSPs were a pain.

      I am going to propose having a Nutch web application using Apache Wicket http://wicket.apache.org/. This would be very cool and since I know Wicket, I'm willing to help maintain it.

      The webapp should implement all of the old web pages and functionality, and also should support the basic views, and connection to Solr instead of to Lucene, and of should also consider both the trunk branch, and the 2.0 branch (Gora based).

      I'm putting this out there as a GSoC project for 2013.


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