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Improper error numbers returned on exit



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      Nutch does not obey standard command line error numbers which can make it difficult to script around commands.

      Both of the below should have exited with an error number larger than 0 causing the shell script to enter into the 'Failed' case.

      bash-3.00$ /opt/nutch/bin/nutch updatedb && echo "==>Success" || echo "==>Failed"
      Usage: <crawldb> <segment>

      bash-3.00$ /opt/nutch/bin/nutch readdb && echo "==>Success" || echo "==>Failed"
      Usage: CrawlDbReader <crawldb> (-stats | -dump <out_dir> | -url <url>)
      <crawldb> directory name where crawldb is located
      -stats print overall statistics to System.out
      -dump <out_dir> dump the whole db to a text file in <out_dir>
      -url <url> print information on <url> to System.out

      Note that the nutch shell script functions as expected:

      bash-3.00$ /opt/nutch/bin/nutch && echo "==>Success" || echo "==>Failed"
      Usage: nutch COMMAND
      where COMMAND is one of:
      crawl one-step crawler for intranets
      readdb read / dump crawl db
      readlinkdb read / dump link db
      admin database administration, including creation
      inject inject new urls into the database
      generate generate new segments to fetch
      fetch fetch a segment's pages
      parse parse a segment's pages
      updatedb update crawl db from segments after fetching
      invertlinks create a linkdb from parsed segments
      index run the indexer on parsed segments and linkdb
      merge merge several segment indexes
      dedup remove duplicates from a set of segment indexes
      server run a search server
      namenode run the NDFS namenode
      datanode run an NDFS datanode
      ndfs run an NDFS admin client
      jobtracker run the MapReduce job Tracker node
      tasktracker run a MapReduce task Tracker node
      job manipulate MapReduce jobs
      CLASSNAME run the class named CLASSNAME
      Most commands print help when invoked w/o parameters.


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