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Make configuration for compiler-plugins and executable-plugins more flexible



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      Currently all configuration for compiler-plugins and executable-plugins are located centrally in dotnet-core/main/resources/META-INF/npanday/*.xml.


      • Plugins should be able to contribute their own configurations
        (for example: the test-plugin should specify where to find nunit; currently it is specified in dotnet-core)
      • Mojos should accept additional configurations as parameters (if probingPaths do not match, or a new version has not yet made it into NPanday)
      • It should be configurable per 'plugin' and overrideable through a Mojo param / project-level-property, whether or not NPanday should try to run the command from the %PATH%

      Location of the right executable

      • Use 'identifier' to instead of 'profile' for locating the correct executable-plugin; still allowing profile for customizing.
      • Enable version ranges for matching of versions in executables and compilers for vendorVersion, frameworkVersion and executableVersion(to come) [1.1,)}] or {{[2.0,3.0)
      • It should be possible to configure executableVersion additionally to vendorVersion and frameworkVersion (for example in order to locate path's for Azure Tools 1.6 specifically, but only when on MICROSOFT 4.0+ and Windows.

      Path detection

      • Enable filtering in configuration files, supporting Windows Registry, Environment Variables and project properties

      Naming and overall structure

      • (A) Mojo comes with *Requirement and *Config, (B) Repository delivers *Capability which is based on *Plugins; Then we try to match (A) with (B).
      • Rebrand 'plugin' to 'capability-configuration', hence CompilerExecutableCapabilityConfiguration
      • Rename 'vendor' and 'vendorVersion' to 'frameworkVendor' and 'frameworkVendorVersion' for better clarity
      • Join executable-plugins and compiler-plugins into one model (MDO + base classes for Capability
      • distinguish three types of executables:
        • VendorExecutable (is provided by the framework vendor
        • CompilerExecutable (is also provided by the framwork vendor, but has some extra requirements/capabilities
        • ThirdpartyExecutable (is provided by a third party, hence neither NPanday nor the vendor; adds 'probingPaths' and 'executableVersion')

      Execution and Mojo Interaction

      • Refactor ExecutableRequirement.ctor to accept VendorRequirment + executableIdentifier, executableVersion and executableProfile.
      • Remove get/setCommands() from ExecutableConfig, and require them to be passed in to NetExecutable#execute() as parameter -> NetExecutable#execute(List<String> commands) / filtering will happen inside
      • Provide utility methods, that handle exception conversions for Mojos (wrap PlatformUnsupportedException and ExecutionException) in MojoExecutionExceptions




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