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Support for resolving and pushing artifacts from and to NuGet feeds like NuGet Gallery (nuget.org)



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      Dependency Management has come to .NET - and Microsoft has taken care of it. That means, to be successful we have to integrate.

      NuGet is for dependency management, and the nuget gallery has a couple of hundred OS packages online already.
      I think it should be fairly easy to create a repository layout for those and integrated it with maven.

      Nothing is easy.

      Prioritized Requirements

      For a first release, we should at least support following scenarios:

      1. Resolve library dependencies from nuget repositories / nuget.org (this will be a huge benefit!, right away.)
        How should we do this? Wagon, repository layout? I do not know enough about maven yet.
        Also, which portions of a *.npkg should we support? It has some conventions, but supports very much any content you can put in a zip. It also has visual-studio-specific things in it. Have to investigate more here.
        How do we talk to nuget.org? Via Nuget.Core?
      1. Generate nuspec-file from pom, or if it exsits, patch it
        This will make it easier to pack and push nuget packages, even if this is not automated yet.
      1. Create a '*.npkg' on 'package' and attach as 'nuget-package'
        We need to add a new type != dotnet-*. Should this be part of npanday?
      1. Install *.npgkg to local nuget repository on 'install'
        Is there any standard for this? If not, will we invent one?
      1. Push *.npkg to nuget.org on 'deploy'
        That shouldn't be to hard.

      Unique Selling Proposition

      • Nuget-Packages for VS 2005 and 2008
      • Nuget outside of Visual Studio (currently the cmd-line tool does not do more than download and unzip)

      Nice to have

      • Minimod support
      • further ideas?




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