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Add extension bundles as a type of versioned item



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    • Fix Version/s: 0.4.0
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      This ticket is to capture the work for adding extension bundles to NiFi Registry.

      This work may require several follow on tickets, but at a high-level will include some of the following:

      • Add a new type of item called an extension bundle, where each bundle
        can contain one ore extensions or APIs
      • Support bundles for traditional NiFi (aka NARs) and also bundles for
        MiNiFi CPP
      • Ability to upload the binary artifact for a bundle and extract the
        metadata about the bundle, and metadata about the extensions contained
        in the bundle (more on this later)
      • Provide a pluggable storage provider for saving the content of each
        extension bundle so that we can have different implementations like
        local fileysystem, S3, and other object stores
      • Provide a REST API for listing and retrieving available bundles,
        integrate this into the registry Java client and NiFi CLI
      • Security considerations such as checksums and cryptographic signatures for bundles


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