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Apache NiFi


Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.2.1 Bug-fix release. No features.
Unreleased 2.0.0 Major feature release. No date planned. Placeholder for changes that require major release cycle.
Released 1.0.1 Bug-fix release. No features.
Released 1.1.1 Bug-fix release. No features.
Unreleased 1.2.0 Minor Release on 1.x Line
Released 0.7.1 Incremental bug-fix release
Unreleased 0.8.0 Minor Release on 0.x Line
Released 1.1.0 Improvements to 1.0.0
Released 0.6.1 Bug-fix release
Released 0.7.0 Feature, improvement, bugfix release
Released 0.5.1 Incremental bug-fix release
Released 0.4.1 incremental release
Released 0.6.0
Released 0.5.0
Released nifi-nar-maven-plugin-1.1.0 Adds support for printing dependency tree.
Released 0.2.1 Fixes ability for user authorization changes in the ui
Released 0.0.1 Initial Apache NiFi release
Released 0.0.2 Incremental release
Released 0.1.0 Integrate Reporting Tasks and Controller Services into UI
Released 0.2.0