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Allow a user to see the changes created by the currently loaded version



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      As a user, I would like to see the changes that are included in a particular version. More specifically, if I'm on an old version and I upgrade to a version written by someone else, I have no way to know what changes occurred during that version upgrade.

      A simple solution would be to utilize the same logic which displays the current differences between local and stored in the registry and use that to show the differences between the current version N and version N-1. The user could then change between versions to see the changes that happened as part of that version.

      An even better solution (from a DFM perspective) would be to be able to see the changes within any version (not just the most recent). That way a DFM wouldn't have to stop the flow for an extended period of time to view the changes/differences in different versions but I think that'd be more work.


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