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Allow 'Change Version' even when local changes exist, which would forget those changes for the version that is selected.



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      With an upgrade I performed from 1.8 to 1.9.2, the UpdateAttribute processor was updated with a new property.  This new property was perceived by versioning as local changes that needed to be committed to the NiFi Registry.  The problem was that this versioned flow was a nested flow that I have re-used in multiple data flows, and I was not able to commit the change once and propagate that change to all other copies. 

      After I committed the upgrade related change to the first occurence of the nested versioned flow, all other occurrences of the nested versioned flow changed their state/status from '* Locally modified' to '! Locally modified and stale'.  In this state, you can no longer commit changes since the flow is no longer on the latest version.  The only option you have is to revert the local changes, but since the changes are a result of the upgrade, it is impossible to revert those changes.  Even if you choose the revert option, the changes are not removed and the state does not change.  

      Currently the only options you have are to stop version control, removing ability to propagate any other future enhancements or bug fixes to that nested versioned flow OR to delete the  instance of that nested flow and re-import it from the NiFI Registry, selected the latest version commited with the changes due to the upgrade.  Repeating this activity mulitple times is slow and error prone, as one has to manually verify that every variable within the nested versioned flow (at top level and any contained nested pgs) is set correctly.

      Ideally, the option to 'Change Version' would be available under the version context menu, even when local changes are present.  This would forget any local changes, replacing the versioned flow for the version that is selected, but preserving the variable settings as per the current functionality.  This would provide the same result in situations not related to an upgrade where the user is able to revert the changes and then change the version to another.  

      Request priority for this functionality by the next major release as this issue is particularly painful when upgrading nested versioned flows.




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