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Enhance NIFI Developer documentation to assist in developing NIFI in IDE



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    • LINUX: Centos 7
      ECLIPSE: Oxygen


      I followed the following instructions to clone and build NIFI:


      I've successfully built the system, using maven.



      However its not at all clear how to develop and run the system in an IDE such as eclipse, or a "recommended IDE".

      Currently I'm trying to get the system up and running in eclipse. 


      However I'm seeing many problems (see image below). I'm guessing all of these can be solved with a simple set of configuration commands. 

      Ultimately adding such details to the documentation would be useful. For now, I'd appreciate if someone can help with the configuration I am missing.




      If I click on one of the failed projects, I see the following error.




      I've also noticed that many of the pom files show up with an error. The error is seen below:


      This error shows up on the "parent" tag


      I am using the following version of eclipse, and maven





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