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ConvertRecord Schema Inference fails to infer complete schema, or simply fails



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      I've got a simple test flow as depicted below:




      The input XML is:


      The output JSON is almost correct, yet it is missing two critical fields (they both show up as "null". The null fields are position and ncsmTrackData. It is also missing all of the attributes on fltdMessage.



      The configuration of my ConvertRecord is:


      My XMLReader configuration is:



      1. Why are these two fields null? 
      2. Why are all the fltdMessage attributes being ignored?

      It would seem that this is a bug, or at least a major shortcoming, in the schema inference capability. If there were a way for me to view the inferred schema, then I could use that as a starting point. However its not clear from the documentation how to view that schema.



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