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CLI - Handling of embedded versioned process groups during export/import




      I'm in a situation where, in my dev environment, I have a versioned process group A in bucket bA containing an embedded process group B from bucket bB. Both A and B are versioned in the NiFi Registry of my dev environment.

      I'm using the CLI to export both A and B from my dev Registry, and then importing A and B in my prod Registry. The issue is that in the json representing A, there is a reference to B containing the url of the dev Registry, the bucket ID and the workflow ID representing B.

      To import B in my prod registry, I first created a bucket bB and a workflow B. New UUIDs have been generated for both in the prod registry. Then I did the import of the JSON representing B.

      Now I manually update the JSON representing A to set the UUIDs related to B with the new values of my prod registry. Then I created a bucket and a workflow for A in my prod registry, and did the import.

      Problem occurs when I try to import the process group A in my prod NiFi. It'll fail with an error looking like this:

      #> nifi pg-change-version -fv 2 -pgid &1 -u http://localhost:8080
      > Using a positional back-reference for 'A'
      ERROR: Error executing command 'pg-change-version' : Error updating version control information: The Flow Registry with ID 56a49113-0162-1000-0a7e-4959d312d445 reports that no Flow exists with Bucket 9d87ccc4-7084-4069-850a-7704135ea9e9, Flow 7e47aeba-4908-41a6-88d7-e6deb1abef98, Version 2

      I guess there are multiple ways of handling it. It could be on the CLI side or on the Registry side (could be related to NIFIREG-148).


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