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Provide option to "Create Diagnostics Report" or "Run Diagnostics" for a processor



      Often times when a user indicates that they are having problems with a given processor, such as 'this processor is stuck', or 'this processor is running but isn't doing anything' there are a lot of the same steps that we go through to try to troubleshoot what is going wrong. For instance, we will ask about Connection Backpressure; scheduling configuration; configured properties, etc.

      If threads are stuck, we may ask for a thread dump. Or several sequential thread dumps. This can take a lot of time back-and-forth between users and the NiFi community to trouble to troubleshoot/diagnose the issues. It would be useful if users had the ability to click on a processor and choose to create a diagnostic report that would include all of the information that is typically requested. That could then be provided to mailing lists, JIRA's, etc. to help diagnose and recreate the problems.




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