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Visual Status and Troubleshooting Tool




      There has been intermittent discussion on the mailing list of a visual status dashboard and troubleshooting tool to bring the institutional knowledge of the entire community closer to the end user. The mailing lists frequently receive the same classes of question (thread starvation, open file handles, heap size, etc.) and the users have to wait for another community member to ask a series of questions and manually diagnose the issue. Few users comprehensively read the Admin Guide or Best Practices documents, and quickly identifying possible issues that are easily fixed will improve the user experience and reduce the unnecessary strain on the mailing lists.

      Use this ticket to collect suggested issue/configuration identification, messaging, suggested solutions, and thoughts about how to display this information in a digestible manner to the users.

      Example from Peter Wicks:

      In my case I had not seen the issue until I added 7 new QueryDatabaseProcessor's. All seven of them kicked off against the same SQL database on restart and took 10 to 15 minutes to come back. During that time my default 10 threads was running with only 3 to spare, which were being shared across a lot of other jobs. I bumped it up considerably and have not had issues since then.


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