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Configuration Suggestion for NiFi HandleHTTPResponse Processor





      I came across an issue with the HandleHTTPResponse Processor in which the processor sends the response but it also sends the body of the message along with the response code. I wanted to ask if it was possible for future development to add a configuration in the processor that allows the option of sending the response without the body of the message, since this can affect the time that it takes for the client to receive the response from us, because NiFi is sending the full message again, along with the response. As of now I have been unable to find an optimal solution that does not impact our flow performance in regards with removing the body of the message and only sending the response. I wanted to see if this could be a configuration that could be looked into for this processor, since I think it would be a useful one that could provide positive impact on the response time of the NiFi’s HandleHTTPResponse processor. The issue was discussed in more detail in the following link:http://apache-nifi-developer-list.39713.n7.nabble.com/Configuration-Suggestion-for-NiFi-HandleHTTPResponse-Processor-tp14933p14950.html

      I was suggested to open a ticket here so that this could be added as a configuration in future versions of NiFi.




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