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PersistentProvenanceRepository Deadlocks caused by a blocked journal merge



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      I have a nifi instance that I have been running for about a week and has deadlocked at least 3 times during this time. When I say deadlock the whole nifi instance stops doing any progress on flowfiles. I looked at the stack trace and there are a lot of threads stuck doing tasks in the PersistentProvenanceRepository. Looking at the code I think this is what is happening:

      There is a ReadWriteLock that all the reads are waiting for a write. The write is in the loop:

                      while (journalFileCount > journalCountThreshold || repoSize > sizeThreshold) {
                          // if a shutdown happens while we are in this loop, kill the rollover thread and break
                          if (this.closed.get()) {
                              if (future != null) {
                          if (repoSize > sizeThreshold) {
                              logger.debug("Provenance Repository has exceeded its size threshold; will trigger purging of oldest events");
                              journalFileCount = getJournalCount();
                              repoSize = getSize(getLogFiles(), 0L);
                          } else {
                              // if we are constrained by the number of journal files rather than the size of the repo,
                              // then we will just sleep a bit because another thread is already actively merging the journals,
                              // due to the runnable that we scheduled above
                              try {
                              } catch (final InterruptedException ie) {
                          logger.debug("Provenance Repository is still behind. Keeping flow slowed down "
                                  + "to accommodate. Currently, there are {} journal files ({} bytes) and "
                                  + "threshold for blocking is {} ({} bytes)", journalFileCount, repoSize, journalCountThreshold, sizeThreshold);
                          journalFileCount = getJournalCount();
                          repoSize = getSize(getLogFiles(), 0L);
                      logger.info("Provenance Repository has now caught up with rolling over journal files. Current number of "
                              + "journal files to be rolled over is {}", journalFileCount);

      My nifi is at the sleep indefinitely. The reason my nifi cannot move forward is because of the thread doing the merge is stopped. The thread doing the merge is at:

      accepted = eventQueue.offer(new Tuple<>(record, blockIndex), 10, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);

      so the queue is full.

      What I believe happened is that the callables created here:

                                  final Callable<Object> callable = new Callable<Object>() {
                                      public Object call() throws IOException {
                                          while (!eventQueue.isEmpty() || !finishedAdding.get()) {
                                              final Tuple<StandardProvenanceEventRecord, Integer> tuple;
                                              try {
                                                  tuple = eventQueue.poll(10, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
                                              } catch (final InterruptedException ie) {
                                              if (tuple == null) {
                                              indexingAction.index(tuple.getKey(), indexWriter, tuple.getValue());
                                          return null;

      finish before the offer adds its first event because I do not see any Index Provenance Events threads. My guess is the while loop condition is wrong and should be && instead of ||.

      I upped the thread count for the index creation from 1 to 3 to see if that helps. I can tell you if that helps later this week.




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