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Create overall documentation/engage theme on website




      Perspectives / Flow of Documentation:

      • Overview
        • What problem does NiFi solve?
        • What is the general design philosophy of NiFi?
        • What are some of the key features?
      • User Guide
        • Dataflow Manager
          • How to build flows
          • Create / Share / Use templates
          • How to monitor behavior/performance
          • Data Provenance
          • In-line documentation / change history
        • Observer
          • Read-only access
      • System Administration Guide
          • How to install
          • Best practice configuration
          • Security / Hardening
          • Controlling access/levels of access
      • Developer Guide
        • What are the extension points
        • What is a NAR and what does the Classloader hierarchy/model look like?
        • How to build extensions
        • Thinking about the right abstraction and considering cohesion/coupling for a processor or extension in general
        • Emphasis on the user experience - the in-line documentation, the naming of properties, is a custom UI needed, etc..
        • Key things to consider/design considerations/strengths/limitations
        • How to contribute to Apache NiFI

      These are meant to flow logically from top to bottom where we want to gain interest in reading further by explaining the 'why' / the 'context'. Then it flows into usage and capabilities of the application. Then we flow into how to extend the application's capabilities to suit your needs and to contribute back to the community.


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