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Add Geneva RSL query record and GSQL processor



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      SS&C Geneva

      SS&C Geneva is a global fund accounting and portfolio management solution that provides real-time access to detailed portfolio data and a flexible reporting system. It is widely used by hedge funds, asset managers, mutual funds, and fund administrators for its ability to handle complex securities and multiple currencies.

      Geneva RSL

      In the context of SS&C Geneva, RSL stands for "Report Specification Language". It is a programming language provided by Geneva for writing custom reports. With RSL, you can query the Geneva database, perform calculations, or format and output data. The RSL scripts are usually stored as .rsl files on the server hosting the Geneva application.

      Runrep Utility

      Runrep is a command-line utility in Geneva. It facilitates the execution of RSL files from the command line. This feature is particularly useful for automating report generation or scheduling tasks without having to manually operate the Geneva user interface.

      Here's why including a Geneva RSL Processor can be beneficial:

      1. Integrating a Geneva RSL Processor in NiFi can allow direct interaction with RSL files and the Geneva database
      2. With a dedicated processor, you can automate the process of executing RSL files and scheduling tasks without manually having to use the Runrep command-line utility

      Some good names for such a processor...

      • `GenevaRSLExecutor`
      • `RSLReportProcessor`
      • `GenevaRSLIntegrationProcessor`
      • `GenevaRSLScheduler`
      • `QueryGenevaRSL`
      • `QueryGenevaRSLRecord`


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