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Processor: MonitorActivity: Time monitoring is incorrect



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      I have been using the MonitorActivity processor to monitor the flowfiles for a particular time. An Alert is generated if the time mentioned is exceeded.
      I have observed that the time monitored in the background triggers the alert incorrectly.

      Example-1: (AWS)
      1. I have an S3 bucket (A), the file is written to bucket A every minute. Bucket A sends the event notification via SQS, and NiFi Processes this notification, fetch the file and copies it to S3 bucket B. 
      In AWS Console, the file is copied to bucket B every minute. Activity monitor is used for GetSQS, and for 5 minutes of monitoring time, at least one alert is received for lacking activity!

      Example-2: (AWS)

      1. We have put monitoring on NiFi for 2160 minutes, but it's observed that at least one file is sent every 1440 minutes, we still get the alerts via MonitorActivity processor for lacking activity.


      Processor settings:

      Threshold Duration                  =            2160 min

      Continually Send Messages    =            false
      Inactivity Message                   =            Processor has not send data for ${inactivityDurationMillis:toNumber():divide(60000)} minutes
      Activity Restored Message     =            Processor has started sending data after being inactive for ${inactivityDurationMillis:toNumber():divide(60000)} minutes
      Copy Attributes                        =             true
      Monitoring Scope                    =              cluster
      Reporting Node                        =             primary





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