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Component Version Change should be considered a Local Modification if both versions are available

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      When a user changes the version of a component from Version X to Version Y, this should be considered a Local Modification, and we should be able to revert the change and/or push the change to NiFi Registry.

      However, currently a Bundle Change is considered an Environmental Flow Change, which means that it cannot be rolled back and it does not show the flow has having been changed. This is done because when a user upgrades NiFi from one version to another, we don't want to show all components as having changed. If we did, users would have to push changes to the flow with every nifi upgrade, and it would cause a lot of issues if using two similar but different versions of NiFi (for example, 1.19.1 in production and 1.19.2 in a test env). And since we can't really rollback the local modification in this case, it causes a lot of issues.

      The solution here is to consider a Flow Change as a Local Modification in the event of a Bundle Change if and only if both the previous version and the new version are available in NiFi. If both versions are available, we assume that this was an intentional, desirable change for the flow. If one of the versions is not available, we consider this a change made to the flow in order to work around the missing version in the user's environment.



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