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Gradle subproject are not shown and cannot be processed



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      LINUX SUSE Leap 15.3


      Open a gradle project with Netbeans 8.2 everything is fine and we can work with.

      After Netbeans 12( may be also before ) the same gradle project cannot be opened or better can be opened, but subprojects are not shown and sources( here swing incl. swingx screens cannot be opened)

      When moving the subproject under the root project everything is working ( also > NB 12 ) !(Before I thought it was the Nullpointer - NETBEANS-6055 error).

      The source folders are only seen in the "Files" Tab.

      We have the following project structure


      includeFlat "UniAccessConfig", \
                  "GL/GL/GLGL031", \
                  "GL/GU/GLGU050", \
                  "GL/GU/GLGU055", \
                  "GL/GU/GLGU060", \
                  "../GLSCommon/GLSCommon", \
                  "../GLSCommon/GLSGUI", \
                  "../GLSCommon/GLSUtils", \
                  "../GLSCommon/GLSResourceLib", \
                  "../GLSCommon/GLSFonts", \

      project (":UniAccessConfig").name = 'UniAccessConfig'
      project (":GL/GL/GLGL031").name = 'GLGL031'
      project (":GL/GU/GLGU050").name = 'GLGU050'
      project (":GL/GU/GLGU055").name = 'GLGU055'
      project (":GL/GU/GLGU060").name = 'GLGU060'
      project (":../GLSCommon/GLSCommon").name = 'GLSCommon'
      project (":../GLSCommon/GLSGUI").name = 'GLSGUI'
      project (":../GLSCommon/GLSUtils").name = 'GLSUtils'
      project (":../GLSCommon/GLSResourceLib").name = 'GLSResourceLib'
      project (":../GLSCommon/GLSFonts").name = 'GLSFonts'
      project (":../GLSConstants").name = 'GLSConstants'

      also does not work  doing in settings.gradle

      include "UniAccessConfig"
      include "GLGL031"
      include "GLGU050"
      include "GLGU055"
      include "GLGU060"
      include "GLSCommon"
      include "GLSGUI"
      include "GLSUtils"
      include "GLSResourceLib"
      include "GLSFonts"
      include "GLSConstants"

      project(":UniAccessConfig").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../UniAccessConfig")
      project(":GLGL031").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../GL/GL/GLGL031")
      project(":GLGU050").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../GL/GU/GLGU050")
      project(":GLGU055").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../GL/GU/GLGU055")
      project(":GLGU060").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../GL/GU/GLGU060")
      project(":GLSCommon").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../../GLSCommon/GLSCommon")
      project(":GLSGUI").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../../GLSCommon/GLSGUI")
      project(":GLSUtils").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../../GLSCommon/GLSUtils")
      project(":GLSResourceLib").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../../GLSCommon/GLSResourceLib")
      project(":GLSFonts").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../../GLSCommon/GLSFonts")
      project(":GLSConstants").projectDir = new File("$rootDir/../../GLSConstants")

      I will attach some hardcopies to see the difference between NB 8.2 and 12.6

      NB 8.2:

      NB 12.6


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