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Renaming a file in an HTML project with git support closes file after rename



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      When I create a simple HTML5 project and initilize this project as a git project and try to rename a file, which is open inside of the editor, it will close the file after renaming it.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Open NetBeans 12.4 as clean as possible
      • Create a new HTML5 project and follow the steps until the end, everything default
      • Wait for opening the project
      • Right click on the project -> Versioning -> Initilize Git Repository...
      • Go to options -> keymap -> search for Rename... with category System and set it to F2
      • Click ok
      • Open the index.html file and hit F2
      • Rename dialog opens
      • Change index to indexs and hit enter
      • It will close the rename dialog and also the index.html file.
      • If it doesn't work for the first time, stay in the indexs.html file, hit F2 again and rename it back to index and hit enter.
      • Try any other file like XML, JSON, JS etc.

      What was expected
      That the file still stays open after renaming. This just happens if I initilize the project with git. If not, everything works fine and as expected.




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