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gradle subprojects can't find imports from different subproject



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    • NB12.2, jdk15, Win7 (gradle projects under java1.8)


      Opening project https://github.com/glazedlists/glazedlists works, so does opening the subproject core, but opening subproject "glazedlists:extensions:icu4j" fails with editor errors about package import not found for packages from the "core" subproject's jar. Along with other subprojects, there's

      • glazedlists:core
      • glazedlists:extensions:icu4j

      all the subproject under glazedlists:extensions that reference core's jar have this problem. Things build from the command line. However, the project's gradle setup is outdated.
      ./gradlew -v give "Gradle 5.3.1" (and I wonder where that comes from and how it got there). There are deprecated warnings (https://gradle.com/s/iwj7ksmm72wc2) related to classpath resolution.

      Interestingly, if I open a test through "files" window then the imports are found (at least code completion works).

      (I'm new to gradle) I see plenty of activity around NB gradle support in the 12.2 release notes. But no docs/notes to help me set my NB gradle expectations. I'm looking through gradle issues.

      Should I expect a gradle project that runs from the command line to work with NetBeans?

      In particular I'm trying to add some junit tests, which are under "glazedlists:extensions:icu4j", but these open with the same package import problem.

      I'm (slowly) going through the gradle user manual, 6.8.1, though I have no idea that fixing the deprecation will allow the subprojects to work. And then there's running the tests from NB.

      In a discussion at the glazedlists' github site, there's the claim that "it works in eclipse".




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