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When trying to view a Class's members in the Member List (navigator), it seems to fail when using Lombok @Data and fields marked as Lombok @NonNull



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    • 12.2
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    • NetBeans v12.2
      OpenJDK v15.0.2
      Lombok v1.18.16
      Spring Core v5.3.3
      SpringBoot v2.4.2

      OS: Windows 10 64 bit


      When trying to view members of a class that is labeled with Lombok annotation @Data and with fields marked as @NonNull, the Members view in Navigator infinitely stays at "Please Wait" after viewing another class and coming back to the one in question.  This will also break auto imports and most intellisense, as well as not showing errors in files if they exist.

      Other classes that do not use Lombok @NonNull and @Data together do not experience this issue, and can be viewed in the members view just fine

      I am unsure at this time if the issue is within Lombok itself, but even if it is, this should not break the functionality of the Members view in Navigator, which it currently does, without regard to any actual error

      Steps to reproduce:
      1.) Create a class
      2.) Use Lombok annotations to Annotate the class as a @Data class
      3.) Create some of the fields marked as @NonNull fields (using @NonNull from Lombok
      4.) Open the navigator and navigate to the class used, opening the members view. (if already open, navigate to a different class first

      expected behavior:
      Members of class are eventually shown

      Actual behavior:
      "Please Wait" is shown, and does not seem to load anything.

      Replacing the @NonNull from Lombok with the one from Spring removes the issue entirely.

      While creating the class, it will stop updating the members view if this bug occurs


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