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SVN: New folders after merge aren't committed



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    • 11.2
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    • Kubuntu 18.04


      When I add new folders in one svn branch (branch-to-merge) and then go to another branch (trunk) and merge the changes from branch-to-merge into trunk only changes to files are shown and committed.

      The folders are shown as new in the projects view. Right clicking on them and selecting Subversion -> Commit will commit them as expected. But committing from the root folder will not show them.


       To reproduce:

      1. Set up svn with two identical branches.
      2. Switch to second branch through Subversion -> Copy -> Switch to Copy
      3. Do some changes, add folders with new files and commit.
      4. Switch to first branch.
      5. Merge changes via Subversion -> Copy -> Merge Changes -> One Repository Folder Since Its Origin
      6. Commit Changes through Subversion -> Commit

      Expected Result:

      All changed files and all new files and folders are commited to the first branch.

      Actual Result:

      Only changed files are commited to the first branch.


      Restart Netbeans or commit the new folders individually.


      svn status actually shows the new folders, so the issue seems to be with Netbeans.

      I marked this as critical because in a large project you might not notice the missing folders and thus commit something incomplete to trunk and push it to production with missing files. (this is exactly what happened to me)




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