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Copy over icon to settings

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      Atm, only the lexer will be copied over to the settings of NetBeans, not the icon. The problem will be, when we export/import settings or copy the settings from one into another computer. This makes copying the folder easy w/o changing anything.

      Steps to reprocuce:

      • Open any project (Just to let NetBeans init the editor)
      • Go to Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Language Servers
      • Adding a new custom language with a lexer file and an icon.
      • NetBeans creates a folder with "x-ext-a" into the settings of NetBeans (On my windows machine it is this path: C:\Users\Chrl\AppData\Roaming\NetBeans\dev\config\Editors\text\x-ext-a)
      • Folder contains syntax.xml which is a copy of the file that I choose from the hard disk and a .nbattr file with registering the lexer.
      • No icon file is inside.

      What I expect is that the icon is also part of it and the name, that I've chosen should also be part of nbattr.



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