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Change java version for NetBeans runtime.



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      The version of Java, for the NetBeans runtime, is set before installation - jdkhome.

      At that time, I only had version 12.0.2. However, version 13 was released recently. That's why I installed it and uninstalled version 12.0.2.

      You will now receive an error at startup.

      It's logical. jdkhome contains a non-existent folder. If you select yes, NetBeans will start and run in version 13.

      But if I close the program, the situation repeats again at startup.

      It is necessary to fix the jdkhome path in the netbeans.conf file in the etc folder.

      But why should I fix it manually?

      If jdkhome contains a non-existent folder, you should see a window with all versions of java. After selecting the required version, NetBeans would run in that version and would automatically overwrite jdkhome.

      In addition, the ability to change java, for the NetBeans runtime, should also be set in NetBeans. Obviously, it would require a restart of the application, but I couldn't find this option anywhere.

      I would like NetBeans to allow it.

      Thank you


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