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Sources generated by Annotation Processor through Maven are not on classpath of Java Editor




      I have attached two simple maven projects that use an Annotation Processor. The project mvn_immut uses the Immutables framework to generate immutable implementations from an interface. The project mvn_meta uses the JPA Metamodel AP. Both projects have a simple class or interface, Book.java, with annotations and a class with a main-method, that interacts with the sources generated by the AP (E.g. print something to System.out).

      'Clean and Build' and 'Run' work without a problem. I see a Generated Sources node appearing, containing the expected sources and when inspecting the target/classes directory, I see the class files of my handwritten code and of the generated code. However, the source file that uses the generated source, does not compile, as the java editor does not recognize the AP generated sources.

      I file this report under Maven component, because if I have the exact same source files in an Ant based project, there are no compilation problems.

      It appears to me that issue https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=217556 is related to this one.


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