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Fuzzy search for Go To File/Symbol/Type



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    • Windows 10 - 64bit, NetBeans 10, JDK 10.0.2


      When I want to jump to a file and I don't want to write the whole name, I use only a couple of characters, called fuzzy search (like Java code completion is using that). So when I open Go To File and write "page" I will got the result of all what page is inside AND and this is new, everything what have "p a g e" is inside.

      So I was searching for the package.json and when I type "page" it should be found too. Not on top, if there is more like "pagebla" or "PageBar" or "BlaPageBla/blapagebla" but it should be in the result list. So when I now search for "page.js" or "pagejs" it should be more clear what I want to find -> "package.json". This is how VS Code handles it and IDEA too. Maybe Eclipse too, but I don't know it.

      This will makes live easier. I know that the result list will be big but type one or two more characters to filter the list. That's it. See no problems with that.


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