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[TUTORIALS] - review and publication




      The third donation from Oracle included the NetBeans Tutorials. These have been transformed automatically to the AsciiDoc format and need review.

      Things to review

      Review process consists of the following steps:

      • Find the images that have not been donated, and create alternatives.
      • Fix any formatting issues from the automated process.
      • Review the "language" of the code examples, so syntax highlighing is correct.
      • Create learning trails.
      • Remove the "Contents" section of the tutorial pages (if any, the automatic process should have removed most of them), we should also remove the list of links to headings in the content in the Contents section. We're generating a Table of Contents automatically, so we don't need to manually create one.

      Asigning a tutorial to yourself

      The review process will tackle different sets of Tutorials in the following order:

      1. IDE Tutorials in src/content/kb/docs/ide
      2. Java Tutorials in src/content/kb/docs/java
      3. PHP Tutorials in src/content/kb/docs/php
      4. Rest of tutorials: javaee, javame, web, webclient, websvc. Order will be defined later.

      If you want to review some tutorials please create a subtask using the "More"/"Create sub-task" menu entry, like so

      When creating the sub-task remember to set the "labels" field to documentation / third-donation / tutorials / website,
      like so:

      Also remember to clearly state the tutorials you're working with (say "java/a*": all tutorials starting with "a" in the "java" folder, or "ide/git.asciidoc").

      Help Material / Tips & Tricks

      Please see https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=100827339 for NetBeans specific Asciidoc Trips & Tricks.

      Please see https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?projectKey=NETBEANS&rapidView=303 for a Kanban Board of the status the tutorials donation.





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