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Consistent behaviour of select next/previous element in each editor




      We need a consistent behaviour in the each editor for "select next/previous element". It is so inconsistent and it is only working well in the java editor.

      I will create subtickets for each editor. Next element selection should be separated for those characters in strings: `$-,.;:SPACE{}()[]\/'"*+#` and maybe some others but I don't know.

      "This is my string"; So is the cursor in "my" and I hit the "Select next element action", it should select "my" after hitting it again, it should select the whole string w/o quotes. After hitting again, it should select the string with quotes.

      "test -r test"; Cursor is before "-" and hitting the action, it should select the whole string, or -r I don't now. In IntelliJ it selecets the whole string. If the cursor is before the "r" it selects "r" first, aftert hitting again, it selects the whole string.

      "^3.0.0"; Cursor is before "3", after hitting the action, it should select "3". After hitting again, it should select the whole string.

      It is a bit complicated to describe but for strings it should be consistent in Java, JS, CSS, SCSS, LESS, HTML, C/C++, PHP, JSON and so on. As I said I will create sub tickets for the editors.

      The next thing is that there is more than strings. So the next consistency is needed for blocks like if, for, functions, classes etc. All of this alreday exists more or less for Java and JS but not that good. Please have a look into IntelliJ or WebStorm and hit ctrl + w for this feature. It works like a charm on each editor.

      So "Select previous element" should work the other way around to unselect the last selection.

      So there we have HTML, XHTML and XML, where it should work too. It is only working ok in HTML but not perfect.






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