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faces.js /ts improvements post 4.0



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      Several ideas on how to go forward, a 4.0.1 branch is already opened on the separate github project

      a) JSF_TS github

      elimination of streams in favor or arrays, introduction of a shim if needed

      reintroduction of partial page submit as myfaces.pps=true option


      Both tasks are already done and working on the github jsf_ts side!


      b) Project organisation

      The Question is on how we go forward -> Given that the codebase is not only used by MyFaces but also Tobago even for their 2.3 code we cannot roll the codebase entirely into myfaces as is but on the other hand we will get bugfixes from the myfaces side in, which might become lost.

      As a quick fix, I will write a small script which diffs the codebase with the npm dir to see if there are any local codechanges (the npm dir pulls the version in which is linked) so that a deviation is quickly shown. This is more a private thing, but can be hooked in as node task (we already have a small set of build helpers)!

      So running this script before updating into the latest codebase shows if there are some deviations between the node version and the sources.

      In the long run we might have to roll the jsf_ts codebase into myfaces one way or the other. Not sure yet how, given that I soon wont be able to commit full time anymore (but given that 99% of the work on the js_ts side is done anyway), good question!



      reedit the diff will not be done in this improvement task, the task now is only about code improvements!






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