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Improve web config param logging and enhance @JSFWebConfigParam


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.10, 2.1.4
    • Component/s: JSR-314
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      Right now, some params are logged when myfaces is started or shutdown. Such log is done on MyfacesConfig class. It has the following problems:

      • Logging about application startup should be done on AbstractFacesInitializer.
      • That log should only be done on Production and Development project stage. For UnitTest and SystemTest, it should be silently ignored.
      • A web config param should be used to enable/disable.
      • All web config params not configured should be logged, not only the ones defined on MyfacesConfig.
      • Deprecated params should not be logged.
      • Params with expected values should be checked, and if it fails, log a warning message.

      To solve all that problems, the idea is add the following fields to @JSFWebConfigParam:


      • The group which the param belongs.
      • <p>These are the groups used in myfaces core:</p>
      • <ul>
      • <li>state</li>
      • <li>resources</li>
      • <li>viewhandler</li>
      • <li>validation</li>
      • <li>render</li>
      • <li>EL</li>
      • </ul>
      • @return
        String group() default "";


      • The tag(s) or clasification(s), separated by commas
      • that this web config param can be clasified.
      • <p>These are the tags used in myfaces core:</p>
      • <ul>
      • <li>tomahawk</li>
      • <li>performance</li>
      • </ul>
      • @return
        String tags() default "";


      • Indicate if the param was deprecated or not.
      • @return
        boolean deprecated() default false;


      • Indicate an alias or alternate name for this param.
      • @return
        String alias() default "";


      • Indicate if this param ignore upper or lower case when read params
      • @return
        boolean ignoreUpperLowerCase() default false;


      • The java type or class which this param is converted
      • @return
        String classType() default "";

      And create a class that generate this automatically using myfaces builder plugin make-config goal. In that way, each time we add a @JSFWebConfigParam annotation, the code will be synchronized automatically. Definitively this strategy is easier than create a class that hold all web config params, because it is more "flexible" and simple. Just create a constant, and the annotation and that's it.


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