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      browser independent Javascript


      I'll attach a set of Javascripts to this issue to be tucked into MyFaces 2.0 to make up it's AJAX components. It's the modified J4Fry JSF AJAX and it's tested to replace RI 2.0's AJAX scripts.

      This is what we still need to do:

      • translate comments
        Currently many comments are german
      • repackage (j4fry -> javax)
        Currently we've put the classes into package org.j4fry.script, probably org.apache.myfaces.script would be a good choice. Also, the AJAX API is implemented according to the spec with
        <h:outputScript name="ajax.js" library="javax.faces" target="head"/> and javax.faces.Ajax.ajaxRequest, but the RI I tested uses
        <h:outputScript name="jsf.js" library="javax.faces" target="head"/> and jsf.ajax.request, so this might be the way the final spec will put it, when it's final.
      • support multiple execute parameters
        Currently only one component can be triggered for action execution. This is a little hard to test at this time, because the RI doesn't react to the execute parameter at all - even when using the RI's own javascripts.
      • set default queue size to unlimited
        Default queue size ist currently set to 1, because for most applications this is the better choice. As soon as we've made the queue size configurable (see separate mail for API exensio nproposal) we'll need to set the default to unlimited as specified in the specs.
      • define maven build to form one single script
        Werner is already working on this: The comply with the specs resource handling the entire AJAX scripts must come in one single javscript file called jsf.js. As this is an ugly beast to handle with over 1000 lines we prefer having one file per Javascript class. The maven build should then compile the 8 scripts we currently have into one.
      • implement additional attributes
        The J4Fry scripts support a lot of parameters that aren't part of the spec. They are vital for a good AJAX experience, so we would like to extend the API beyond the spec on these.


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