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Do not require to buffer the output with server-side-state-saving


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      Attached you will find a patch against MyFaces 1.2.1 head which will eliminate the need to buffer the output to write in the ViewState hidden field when using Server-Side-State-Saving.

      With SSSS just a sequence number (previously jsf_sequence) will be written into the ViewState hidden field.
      This patch changes just this, and avoid the use of the StateAwareWriter. The restore process based on the jsf_sequence already worked, just minor restructuring to get the next sequence number early.

      When using Facelets, you'll also need a ViewHandler with the following content:

      public void renderView(FacesContext context, UIViewRoot uiRoot) throws IOException, FacesException

      { StateManager stateManager = context.getApplication().getStateManager(); original.renderView(context, uiRoot); stateManager.saveView(context); }

      public void writeState(FacesContext context) throws IOException
      StateManager stateManager = context.getApplication().getStateManager();
      if (stateManager.isSavingStateInClient(context))

      { original.writeState(context); }


      { stateManager.writeState(context, new Object[2]); }


      This disables the Facelets own state handling and ensures we save the view after rendering.

      1. no_buffer.diff
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        Mario Ivankovits

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          This issue was fixed as part of MYFACES-3117

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