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Transitive dependencies of optional dependencies are included in WEB-INF/lib


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.2
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      Maven 2.0.7, JDK 1.6.0_01-b06, JavaEE 5


      I have an EAR project (TestEAR) which contains two modules:

      1. A JAR module (TestJAR) which has one dependency: commons-lang 2.3
      2. A WAR module (TestWAR) which uses these instructions to declare a dependency on TestJAR so that TestJAR is included in TestWAR's manifest classpath, but not copied into WEB-INF/lib (i.e. declares the dependency optional).

      This works fine for TestJAR itself, but its transitive dependency (commons-lang 2.3) is still copied into WEB-INF/lib. I don't believe this is the correct behavior since all dependencies of a JAR packaged in the EAR must also be packaged in the EAR. So, all a WAR should have to do is put the transitive dependencies in its manifest classpath to inherit them. Basically: in a WAR, transitive dependencies of "optional" dependencies should inherit the "optional" flag.

      I have included a simple test project as an example. Unzip, cd TestProject, and mvn install. Look in TestEAR's target dir and you will see that commons-lang is included in the EAR. Then look in TestWAR's target dir and you will see that commons-lang is also included in both the manifest classpath and the WEB-INF/lib dir.


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