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Plugins tomcat:run and tomcat:run-war are not loading the Provided and Runtime dependencies.


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      User Story: Developers checkout a Web Application from our SCM Repository(SVN) and through the tomcat:run (or tomcat:run-war) plugin can bootstrap and start a Tomcat Server and test the Web Application locally without even having Tomcat instances previously deployed either locally or remotely.

      To fulfill such User Story I started with the tomcat:run plugin but had issues with the Provided and Runtime dependencies. I then jumped to the tomcat:run-war using my own tomcat configuration files but had similar issues. I see that the tomcat:run-war plugin doesn't create a ClassLoader for the Catalina container in a similar way Tomcat's Bootstrap class does. I downloaded the code of the tomcat plugin and I am working in the fix but I need to share some thoughts about this...

      Approach A) Use a similar schema as the Tomcat Bootstrap in the Run*Mojos, let the developer provide those dependencies through the dependency:copy-dependencies to lets say target/tomcat/lib and load them from there. So the User controls what is deployed in lib.

      Approach B) Use a similar schema as the Tomcat Bootstrap in the Run*Mojos, the dependencies will be fetched using the dependencies defined in the pom.xml file (including transitive dependency resolution) and added to the ClassLoader.

      Thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

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