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Deprecate inheritAsRef



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      The decorationModel docs say about the inheritAsRef parameter:

      If this is a reference, setting true means that it will be populated in the project,
      whereas if it is false, it is populated in the parent and then inherited.
      Default value is: false.

      This is apparently a documentation bug as leaving away the inheritAsRef parameter the refs get populated in the (inheriting) child project. Eg the maven parent pom defines a <menu ref="reports" inherit="bottom" /> element (ie inheritAsRef=false), but the intent (and actual effect) is that this menu contains the reports of the inheriting projects, and not those of the maven parent pom.

      However, specifying inheritAsRef=true does not work as expected. There is an IT that compares the difference, one can see that the menus do not get populated in the parent project.

      Above all, I don't quite see the use of this parameter, why would one want the parent's parent/modules/reports in the child project? Brett mentioned somewhere that the original intent was to enable a permanent link to a top-level parent project. This can simply be achieved with a normal menu that gets inherited.

      So given all that, that there is no use case, that it's wrongly documented and that it doesn't work, I propose to deprecate the feature.




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