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Site-structure and links messed up when using inheritance and sub-sub-modules



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    • WindowsXP, Solaris 2.8, SLES10, Maven 2.2.0, JDK 1.6


      We have a structure like this:

      pom.xml (A) (inherits from a companies-pom and acts primary as a generated multi-module-pom which should not be in need to be changed by developers)
      + ModuleContainer
      + pom.xml (B)
      + Module1 (which inherits from upper-pom)
      + pom.xml (C)
      + Module2 (which inherits from ProjectSuperPom)
      + pom.xml (D)
      + Module3
      + pom.xml (E)

      pom A is intended to get generated and not changed by project team (includes the basic settings for issue management and so on). It is a multimodule and includes exactly one module (ModuleContainer)

      pom B is primarly intended to define the modules of the project and is intended to be changed by the project team. It could also act as a SuperPom of the project or delegate this to a separate module

      pom C, D, and E are 'normal' modules which use as parent the ModuleContainer-Pom, a separate SuperPom or the pom A

      I made several tests, changed the inheritance, module definitions but did never achieved a site which was working (after deploying the site!).

      I achieved that the sites are stored in a sensable structure but needed to add a distributionManagement to each pom which is error-prone.
      But I did not achieve that the links are ok - the are everytime extrapolated in some strange way. The should be read out of the pom
      (or parent-pom and calculated the normal maven-way) of the module and perhaps extrapolated when there ist none (but then a configurable pattern
      would be better).

      I attached three samples together with the created sites (windows, JDK 1.6, Maven 2.2.0).

      The physical structure does not make sense in this case as the inheritance-parent-poms name AND the module artifact name is used as a suffix for the directory
      and has no benefit there

      I added a distributionManagement and url to all poms

      now the physical structure is ok

      The following problems:

      The rootPoms-site contains two links (which are syntactically correct and working):

      • to modules (ok)
      • to projectPom

      I either expect only a link to modules (as this is the only direct module of rootPom) or a link
      to all modules including the submodules of rootPom. It seems that the module list is build up out of the modules and the direct inherited projects
      (as rootPom is the parent-pom of projectPom) - this makes IMHO no sense!

      Neither the site of the modules nor of projectPom contains any links to the other modules.
      I would expect a list of projectPom, module1, module2

      I removed the double-multimodule and included all modules in the RootPom but keeping the extra projectPom


      • Only The projectPom is linked from RootPom
      • the structure of the different sites is different:
        demo3\Module1\0.0.1-SNAPSHOT (ok)
        demo3\projectPom\0.0.1-SNAPSHOT (ok)
        demo3\RootPom\0.0.1-SNAPSHOT (ok)
        demo3\Module2\0.0.1-SNAPSHOT\Module2 (becaus of missing distributionManagement which makes no sense)

      The physical structure should be that of demo2 even if the distributionManagement is missing in the sub-poms (it is error-prone to have it in every one).
      There should be a configuration-switch to deactivate ANY magic in building the structure and use a pattern instead.

      e.G. in a companies-pom which is a superpom of all projects and modules (direct or indirect):


      <strict>true</strict> <!-- deactivates the auto-suffix and always use this one -->
      <hierarchically>true</hierarchically> <!-- leads to com/mycompany/demo instead of com.mycompany.demo -->

      and no need for any distributionManagement or url in the other poms. Therefore the pom of the module has to be analyzed if there is a url coming out.
      If not the 'old way' could be used
      and for every link the RESULTING url of the destination should be used.


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