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Site not generated correctly when overriding dependencyReducedPomLocation with relocation



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    • Windows XP, Java 6 Update 24, Maven 3.0.4


      My release failed because the project uses the maven-shade-plugin and it generated a dependency-reduced-pom.xml in the basedir, so the release plugin complains that there are local, uncommitted modifications.

      To get my release working, I overrode the dependencyReducedPomLocation configuration parameter to place it in project.build.directory:


      My release worked, but then I noticed that this had a nasty side effect: my site was not generated properly!

      The project has src\site with a site.xml and APT pages. Those were no longer generated... I have no idea how one thing is connected to the other, but I did prove it by creating a sample application that illustrates the problem.

      Note that the problem seems to a combination of at least 2 things:

      • dependencyReducedPomLocation
      • relocations

      In other words, if you comment out the dependencyReducedPomLocation or the relocations, you can see the site being generated correctly. But if you have these, then the site will NOT generate properly.

      To be clear, the site generation is incorrect if you don't see the menu layout like:

      • About
        • Introduction
        • Usage
      • Project Documentation
      • Project Information

      A broken site, you will notice that the About menu and Usage page do not exist, for example.


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