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Active profiles repeated each time for all projects in reactor



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      Running the active-profiles goal in a multi-module project (with subsequently more than one project in the reactor) will all the active profiles for all the projects in the reactor, repeating this for every single project that is built, resulting in exhaustive output.

      Given that each showing of active profiles of a single project costs about eight lines in output (including some whitelines; that's with only one profile active), and us (over here) having 73 projects in the reactor, that's (73-1)*(73-1)*8 output lines being wasted. That's a silly 41472 lines for a simple "mvn install". Well, I suppose an even simpler "mvn clean" will do the same

      And now I'm not even getting started about the fact that these 73 projects all share the same profile that they get from their top parent project.

      Over here we have a custom maven-help-plugin version running that shows the active profiles of every project in the reactor only once. I made the assumption that profiles are not going to change during the coarse of a single Maven execution.

      Is this a patch that we would be generally interested in?

      Or is this perhaps a bug in the <inheritence> behaviour of the plugin?


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