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The local/remote host tests fail for a virtual hosting system such as OpenVPS.


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    • 3.2.7
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      On a virtual hosting environment such as OpenVPS, "localhost" does not map to the IP address "" but the actual IP of the host.

      >>> import socket
      >>> socket.gethostbyname("localhost")

      This fact causes various aspects of the test_connection_members() test to fail. To avoid the problem the test could factor in the actual IP as returned for "localhost". Thus in htdocs/tests.py, could read as follows. This should be okay on UNIX systems, but should be confirmed as okay on Win32 systems.

      def test_connection_members(self):

      req = self.req
      log = req.log_error
      conn = req.connection

      log("Examining connection memebers:")

      import socket
      ip = socket.gethostbyname("localhost")
      ip = None

      log(" connection.base_server: %s" % `conn.base_server`)
      if type(conn.base_server) is not type(req.server):
      self.fail("conn.base_server should be same type as req.server")

      log(" connection.local_addr: %s" % `conn.local_addr`)
      if not conn.local_addr[0] in ("", "", ip):
      self.fail("conn.local_addr[0] should be '' or ''")

      log(" connection.remote_addr: %s" % `conn.remote_addr`)
      if not conn.remote_addr[0] in ("", "", ip):
      self.fail("conn.remote_addr[0] should be '' or ''")

      log(" connection.remote_ip: %s" % `conn.remote_ip`)
      if not conn.remote_ip in ("", ip):
      self.fail("conn.remote_ip should be ''")

      log(" connection.remote_host: %s" % `conn.remote_host`)
      if conn.remote_host is not None:
      self.fail("conn.remote_host should be None")

      log(" connection.remote_logname: %s" % `conn.remote_logname`)
      if conn.remote_logname is not None:
      self.fail("conn.remote_logname should be None")

      log(" connection.aborted: %s" % `conn.aborted`)
      if conn.aborted != 0:
      self.fail("conn.aborted should be 0")

      log(" connection.keepalive: %s" % `conn.keepalive`)
      if conn.keepalive != 2:
      self.fail("conn.keepalive should be 2")

      log(" connection.double_reverse: %s" % `conn.double_reverse`)
      if conn.double_reverse != 0:
      self.fail("conn.double_reverse should be 0")

      log(" connection.keepalives: %s" % `conn.keepalives`)
      if conn.keepalives != 1:
      self.fail("conn.keepalives should be 1")

      log(" connection.local_ip: %s" % `conn.local_ip`)
      if not conn.local_ip in ("", ip):
      self.fail("conn.local_ip should be ''")

      log(" connection.local_host: %s" % `conn.local_host`)
      if conn.local_host is not None:
      self.fail("conn.local_host should be None")

      log(" connection.id: %s" % `conn.id`)
      if conn.id > 100:
      self.fail("conn.id should not be this high")

      log(" connection.notes: %s" % `conn.notes`)
      if `conn.notes` != '{}':
      self.fail("conn.notes should be {}")




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