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      This is AFAICT the de-facto advice on best practices for apache projects that want to use maven... if there's more information elsewhere it should be linked from here. As such it is sorely lacking some basic info such as...

      1. It applies to projects using the apache pom version 5 which implies you are deploying to nexus. This needs to be stated up front and the consequences outlined (e.g. getting someone (who?) to move old stuff onto nexus, and what happens to a large collection of projects (e.g. portals or geronimo) that may not want to move everything at once)

      2. if <altDeploymentRepository>${deploy.altRepository}</altDeploymentRepository> in the release profile is actually recommended please document where the value actually comes from.

      3. In the "Release Process for part of Maven" 1.b it says "Verify that all pom.xml files have an SCM definition." I think this is wrong. IIUC only root poms in a multimodule project should define scm.

      4. In the note on the settings.xml server definition of apache.snapshots.https please document that it is used from the apache 5 pom. Also, I think that the password required is your apache svn password rather than a possible p.a.o password. There is at least one other reference to logging on to nexus with "apache credentials" that should be more specifically "apache svn username and password"

      5. If this is the de-facto advice to apache projects wishing to move from the file based repo to apache's nexus it needs to be findable through google. Linking it to INFRA-1885 would be good. Linking from the front page of the maven docs would be good. More generic separate docs would be better.




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