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guide-m2-development should state recommended version of Ant (eg: 1.7.1 fails, and is still the default in some LTS distros).


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      The "guide-m2-development" ("Guide to Developing Maven", "") section:
      "Don't forget tests!" does not mention a recommended version of Ant to use. I found the hard way that Ant version:

      Apache Ant version 1.7.1 compiled on September 8 2010

      will fail with an error like:

      /home/dan/javadev/maven/maven-3/trunk/build.xml:228: Syntax error in property: ${

      There is a bug in Ant that is apparently fixed in Ant 1.8+.
      (see: )
      Ant 1.7.1 was the default in my linux environment (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS), and I expect others might hit this same bug and not be so lucky in searching for a cause/solution.

      I will attach a doc patch that recommends Ant 1.8+.
      (I tried to find a way to verify the Ant version in the build.xml, but couldn't find a way that was not coupled to known versions).

      Also (and sorry to overload this report with another issue), I think the current guide-m2-development.apt in subversion includes another error:
      The 'ant all' command was moved up to the same line that sets the M2_HOME env var. Also, that M2_HOME env var line is missing the export command. The patch fixes these as well.


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