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Can't find parent poms in multi project build, if on the same level



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
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    • Resolution: Not A Problem
    • 3.0-alpha-6, 3.0-alpha-7, 3.0-beta-1
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    • Tested on WinXP sp3, Java 1.6.20 (Sun)


      I created a test project to verify the behavior. Basically, in Maven 3 the build failed due to missing parent poms. However, these poms are part of the actual multi module build.

      To verify the bug:
      1. unzip the project and jump into the root folder to the first pom.xml
      2. execute with maven 3: "mvn clean install" (see file mvn3cleanInstall.txt)
      ==> the build will fail
      3. execute the same command with maven 2 (I used 2.2.1) (see file mvn2cleanInstall.txt)
      ==> you'll see it will work without any problems (warning, because my plugins do not contain any code)
      4. execute the same command as done in step 2 again (see file mvn3cleanInstall2.txt)
      ==> now it'll build, because it can find the artifacts in the local repo (created by the maven 2 build). It will eventually still fail, but not due to the above mentioned error but the fact, that I didn't include any source code for the plug-ins to keep it as simple as possible)

      The really nasty thing about this bug is that you might not even notice that there is a bug, as long as you have such an artifact in your repository. Unfortunately then, only the wrong version get's picked up. Of course, as soon as you want to release this will fail.


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        4. mvn3cleanInstall2.txt
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