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Unwanted parent plugin execution


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2.1
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      Searched far and wide but haven't found an answer, so I'm logging this bug.

      See attached project zip which demonstrates the problem:

      • Project 'util' has 2 assemblies as artifacts:
        • util-config.zip
        • util-unwanted-stuff.zip
      • Project 'test-project' depends on 'util's util-config.zip and uses the maven-dependency-plugin to unpack it from the repository
      • 'test-project' has project 'root' as parent
      • 'root' defines the actual maven-dependency-plugin:unpack executions: one for unpacking util-config.zip (id = unpack-util-config) and another for unpacking util-unwanted-stuff.zip (id = unpack-unwanted-stuff). This is in pluginManagement - and no phase binding is specified in root - so it's inherited by 'test-project', but not automatically executed.
      • 'test-project' references the inherited maven-dependency-plugin execution with id unpack-util-config, and binds it to phase package, i.e. only this one assembly should be unpacked:

      However, when you run mvn package on test-project, both assemblies are unpacked. Maven has run both the unpack-util-config and unpack-unwanted-stuff executions of the plugin, as defined in 'root'. It should only have run unpack-util-config, since that is the only one referenced by 'test-project'.

      A workaround is to insert a phase binding with a non-existing phase for unpack-unwanted-stuff in 'root', e.g.:


      If you run mvn package on test-project again, it won't run the unpack-unwanted-stuff with the other one. The fact that this workaround exists makes me wonder if it's related to the "Default Mojo Executions" issue as discussed in http://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-default-execution-ids.html. However, this article claims these issues are fixed as from Maven 2.2.0 onwards (my tests were on 2.2.1).

      I've only experienced this problem with the maven-dependency-plugin. I ran a similar test with maven-resources-plugin, but it seems to work correctly, so it might only be related to maven-dependency-plugin. Not 100% sure of this.


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